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WordPress Backup Service

The Foundation of Website Maintenance

Why are WordPress Backups Essential?

Because your website is typically the public face of your business, acting as the focal point of your marketing and sales efforts, establishing your credibility and presenting your offer. For some, it is your business, serving customers through your website itself.

What did it take to build it? Imagine losing it.

  • Backups preserve your investment and keep your website running when the unexpected happens.
WordPress Backup Service

Backups are the Foundation of Website Maintenance.

If your website is hacked, if an update fails, if the server crashes or gets infected by malware, if all else fails, than at least you have a backup.

What’s Included in our Backup Service?

In a nutshell

When service starts, we backup your website. From there our system scans your website for changes every day or every month based on the plan you signed up for, and incrementally updates your backup. Highlighted features include:

  • 90 Day Archive!
  • Incremental Backups & Low Server Load
  • Secure Cloud Storage
  • US & EU storage locations
  • Option to upload backups to your cloud storage services (nominal extra fee)
  • Peace of Mind

See details below…

WordPress Backup Service
WordPress Backup Service

Why do we Recommend OUR Backup Solution?

It's Affordable

Monthly backups are just $5/month ($60/yr).

Daily backups are just $10/month ($120/yr).

90 Day Archives

Every backup is saved for 90 days. Why not 30 days like other backup services? Because from our experience restoring websites that have been hacked, by the time you realized your website has been hacked, the hacker has had their code in your website for well beyond 30 days. 30 days is not enough. If you need them longer than this, contact us.

Remote Secure Storage

We store your backups remotely and securely on Amazon S3 servers. Storing your backups on the same server that might be the source of your website crashing means your backups might have gone down with the ship. Better to store it remotely, and Amazon S3 is as secure as it gets.

Low Server Load

95% of the backup is done on our server infrastructure, which is a blessing for your web server PHP memory. Less strain on your server means a faster more reliable website, especially if you are on a shared hosting account.

EU & US storage options

Storage is on US servers by default. Comply with the EU directive by keeping your websites on the optional EU storage. Just ask.

Incremental backups

Only the new and altered files and tables are backed up, hugely increasing the reliability and reducing the site server usage. Again, this translates to a faster more reliable website for your website visitors.

Upload to YOUR storage

We can, for a very small extra fee, upload backups weekly or daily to your Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, or OneDrive account. We can even limit how many total backups are stored, deleting the old ones, to save space.

Additional Questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us.

Let's get started

“It’s an absolute MUST to to keep your website backed up and updated in this day and age. And if you’re not doing it yourself on a regular basis, then find someone who will.”

– David Tierney, Web Designer and Developer

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