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Update WordPress Pro was created to meet the growing security need for WordPress owners to keep their website’s regularly updated.

“Today, you’re going to spend less time breaking into the school back office website, redirecting air traffic, sending encrypted messages overseas …
and more time working on the lesson.”


I’m Update WordPress Pro’s founder David Tierney.

I’m a web designer and entrepreneur and I’ve been designing, developing, repairing, hosting and maintaining client websites since 2007, most of them in WordPress, and most of them for small to medium sized businesses.

The comic above is funny, but it’s no joke.

Over the years I’ve seen a rapid rise in the number of websites getting hacked. Online security has become an increasing concern for website owners large and small. Internet security is big business, however as the technology for securing websites is getting more advanced, hackers are also getting more savvy and sophisticated.

In 2014 I had much less concern for my client’s website’s getting hacked, and none did. In 2017 I have great concern, and there’s good reason for it. I have had a number of client’s who have had their websites filled with spam and viruses and been marked by Google with warnings. I have seen instances in the news when tens of thousands of websites have been breached through vulnerable plugins within days.

In 2014 I wasn’t worried about owners not updating their website’s software for months on end. Now I advise my clients to keep their websites continually updated – ideally once or twice a week, minimally once a month, but that’s a stretch.

Over the past two years I have inherited a number of client’s who have left or been left by their previous webmasters, and those websites typically had long outdated plugins, themes and WordPress core. As a result it occurred to me that the maintenance services I provided my clients were in desperate need by many WordPress owners.

I created Update WordPress Pro to fill that need.

Update WordPress Pro is run by me out of my office in Northern California and by a few assistants who also reside in the United States.

If you own or manage a WordPress powered website and you’re not regularly updating your plugins, themes and WordPress core software, I encourage you to take a wise step forward in protecting the investment of time and energy you put into your website. Consider the affect on you and your business if it gets hacked. Let us protect your website for you.

David Tierney

Founder & Owner of Update WordPress Pro

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