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Keep your website dependably BACKED UP & UPDATED
for as little as $19.95/month.

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WordPress Updates

Over 30,000 websites get hacked everyday. Hackers commonly break into websites through known software vulnerabilities found in outdated plugins, themes and the WordPress core software. We protect your website by keeping your WordPress software regularly updated.

Learn more about our WordPress Update Service.

WordPress Update Service

“The main way to attack a WordPress site is through outdated components, like themes, plugins, WordPress core or the hosting infrastructure itself. The No.1 thing to make sure you do is to upgrade all of the things.”

The Right Security Mindset for WordPress, WP Engine 6.2.2017
Update WordPress
WordPress Backup Service
WordPress Backup Service

WordPress Backups

Hackers, Host Failure, Viruses, User Error, Malware, Exploits, Software Incompatibilities. All can affect your website. Everyone should have a backup plan. Your website is too valuable. We keep your WordPress website backed up. Learn More.

  • 90 Day Archive!
  • Incremental Backups & Low Server Load
  • Secure Cloud Storage
  • US & EU storage locations
  • Peace of Mind

WordPress Care Package

Your car needs regular maintenance to keep it running optimally, so does your website.

Daily security scans, uptime monitoring, performance optimizations and monthly maintenance and traffic reports are added to our essential update and backup services. Learn more.

WordPress Maintenance Service

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“It’s an absolute MUST to to keep your website backed up and updated in this day and age. And if you’re not doing it yourself on a regular basis, then find someone who will.”

– David Tierney, Web Designer and Developer

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